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Keep Our Wreath Green!
By FF/EMT-P Daniel Byrne
Dec 2, 2010 - 8:34:28 PM

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Burton firefighters are using Christmas wreaths to remind citizens to think of safety during this winter-holiday season, and would like to offer some simple tips to follow.


“The holiday season is joyous but also a hectic time of the year, and the focus is often on everything but safety, so there is some danger out there,” stated Burton Fire Officials.


Firefighters offer these simple safety tips to keep your family safe this holiday season:




-           “If it has heat – then 3 feet!” Ensure heaters, candles, and other heat generating devices are 3’ from combustibles

-           Utilize electric candles instead of open flame

-           Limit light strings to no more than 3 strands of lights

-           Use power strip with circuit breakers instead of extension cords

-           Ensure all decorations are made of fire resistive material

-           Ensure live trees are watered and treated with a fire resistive spray

-           Check all smoke detectors in your home, and it’s a good idea to have a smoke detector in the same room as your Christmas tree.

-           Make sure your holiday decorations do not block exits and your family has practiced your home escape plan, and that there are two ways to escape each room in your home and two ways to get to children.


To remind citizens of the fire dangers and the need for vigilance during this season, a green wreath will be placed at various fire stations throughout the county, and fire officials want citizens to help keep those wreaths green. When the Burton Fire District responds to a fire, a green light on the wreath will be replaced with a red light.


“A fire is devastating anytime of the year, but particularity more so during the holiday season,” stated Burton fire officials. “Fires start for a reason, they are not accidents, and almost always could have been easily prevented.”



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