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Spreading the Word!
By FF/EMT-P Daniel Byrne
Oct 15, 2010 - 7:53:05 AM

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Knowing more people will die in their homes as a result of fire this year than the war on terrorism and all natural disasters combined – the Burton Fire District has been busy preaching the fire safety word to their citizens during this year’s Fire Prevention Week.

While district firefighters conducting public education all year long they step it up during national Fire Prevention Week – the longest public health observance on record in the United Stated. Statistics show that (1) out of (4) people will experience a fire loss in their life time, and the causes of those fires remain the same:

           * Unattended cooking
           * Improper use or overloading of electrical equipment
           * Improper use of smoking material
           * Improper use of heating equipment
           * Improper storage of flammable liquids

While trying to get this word out to adults, firefighters also took the time to talk to children at the Hobbit Hill daycare on Parris Island Gateway. During this visit the children learned:

          * Firefighters are community helpers they can go to for any kind of help
          * When to use 911 and what a real emergency is
          * The “Smoke Detector Puppy Dog” and what it sounds like when
               it “barks”
          * When the smoke detector “barks” to “GET- OUT OF – THE HOUSE!”
          * What a firefighter looks and sounds like when wearing their
             community helper cloths
          * What it’s like to sit in a fire truck

All the students got a red fire hat making them honorary firefighters.

It was a great visit and Burton firefighters want everyone to know they have interactive and dynamic programs for all ages that are available all year long.

If your group would like a visit by firefighters or would like to visit a station, please call 521-5550 Mon-Fri during normal business hours.

We look forward to seeing you!



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